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Our products can be purchased at local retailers or directly through County Barn Farm by emailing or by calling us directly at (412) 225-0930.

The following Giant Eagle® Market District® stores carry our honey and maple syrup, when it’s in season:

Giant Eagle Market District

Market District® Robinson
100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Market District® Shadyside
5550 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Market District® South Hills
7000 Oxford Drive
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Market District® Twp. of Pine
155 Towne Center Drive
Wexford, PA 15090

Waterworks Market District
910 Freeport Road
Waterworks Plaza
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
(412) 781-6605

These local stores carry our beeswax lip balm:

East End Food Co-Op*
7516 Meade Street
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 242-3598
*Also carries rolled beeswax candles.

To place an order, call or email us. We accept the following forms of payment through PayPal:

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Who has the Pink Hive?

Our children each have their own hive; each painted their favorite color of course!  So if you are fortunate enough to get a jar with a Pink, Blue, Purple or Yellow cap label, you will have a unique single hive source honey.  We bottle the kids honey separately so they can enter the honey in farm competitions, but it is always interesting to see the variations between the individual hives.  One hive may produce a darker honey though it was only a few feet from the other.  The differences are largely determined by how the hive population peaks in relation to the available nectar sources.  It’s a thrill to see whose hive produces the most honey or has the most distinct flavor!  honeyjars


Honey - Only available at Giant Eagle Market District Store!

Honey at Country Barn Farm is typically harvested in July and September. The timing and size of the harvest depends on the weather and, of course, the bees. The honey from our July 2017 harvest is medium amber with a floral flavor.  The top flavor note is blackberry nectar that bloomed very abundantly this year.  The September harvest tends to a very dark red with a surprisingly mild flavor provided by the red bamboo flowers growing along the rivers and streams in the Pittsburgh region.  We produce raw honey that is unfiltered and never heated, so we are able to offer the sweetest natural food in the world at peak flavor and nutritional benefit.

You can pick up your honey from one of the four local Giant Eagle Market District stores immediately after we harvest!

Description: Price
16 oz glass jar $12.99
8 oz glass jar     $ 7.99

Honey Pot

Country Barn Farm stocks hand painted, made in the USA, honey pots.  These are great for beekeepers to include with gift sets to boost honey sales. Each honey pot holds 8 ounces of honey and comes with its own wooden dipper. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and 100% lead free.  We have four patterns: lavender, blueberry, cranberry, and iris.  Each honey pot is $22. 

Styles Offered: Price
Lavender, Blueberry, Cranberry, or Poppy $22.00

Honey Soap

soapOur honey soap is made at Country Barn Farm with a glycerin base, local honey and lavender oil to produce a pure moisturizing soap with a gentle lavender scent. Our dark fall honey gives our soap its distinctive natural color.

Description: Price

3 ounce Flower
(3”diameter x1.5” thick)


Beeswax Ornaments


hiveNew in time for the holiday season, our 100% natural beeswax ornaments. They are hand crafted at Country Barn Farm to decorate your home.  Note: These ornaments are not suitable for burning.

Shapes Offered: Price
Star (4” x 4”) $4.00
Tree (3” x 3.25”) $4.00
Hive and Bee (Hive 4” x 3.75”, Bee 3” x 2”) $4.00


Hanukkah Candle Kit

Make your own Hanukkah candles with pure beeswax sheets. The kit includes rolling instructions and material to make 10 candles approximately 4.5 inches tall and 3/8th inches in diameter.  Fun to make and use for any occasion.

Description: Price
Hanukkah Candle Kit $4.00



Maple Syrup

Local maple syrup is available from Country Barn Farm!  We produce syrup from our trees in February and March while our honey bees rest.

Description: Price
8 oz plastic jug $8.00


Lavender Lip Balm

lip balmAll natural lip balm with a gentile lavender scent made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Honey and Beeswax produced in the surrounding Pittsburgh countryside. The lip balm contains Beeswax, Shea Butter, Apricot Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender Oil and Local Honey.

This high quality lip balm is produced in small artisan batches at Country Barn Farm upon request to ensure freshness.

Description: Price
0.15 ounce plastic lip balm tube $4.99

Rolled Beeswax Candles

Our solid beeswax candles are hand crafted using high quality local beeswax.

Beeswax is smokeless and dripless if kept from draft. The elegant, natural colored taper candles are sized for standard candle stick holders and sold in boxed pairs.

Sizes / Shapes Offered: Price
One Pair Taper Candlesticks (7/8”diameter x 8.5” tall) $9.00
One Pair Column Candle Sticks (7/8”diameter x 8.5” tall) $9.00


Solid Beeswax Candles

Our solid beeswax candles are hand crafted using high quality local beeswax.

Beeswax is smokeless and drip less if kept from draft. These elegant, natural colored candles are sized for standard candle stick holders and sold in boxed pairs.

Sizes / Shapes Offered: Price
One Pair Taper Candlesticks (7/8”diameter x 8” tall) $10.00
Pine Cone Candle (1-¾ ” tall x 1-5/8 ” width) $4.00
Egg Candle (2-3/8 ” tall x 1-½ ” width) $4.00

Queen Bees

Master Beekeeper Joe Zgurzynski raises Northern selected queen honeybees. The Country Barn queen bee genetics are a blend of Italian and Carniolan honeybee lines selected for longevity, mild temperament, mite resistance, disease resistance and honey production at Northern latitudes.  Queen producing hives are not treated with miticides. 

Country Barn Farm only sells marked and mated queens that are laying a quality brood pattern.  We will ship them to your location with attendants via USPS Priority Express for guaranteed one or two day delivery, depending on your location. Queen bees are available June through September.

Our queens are priced at $38 each.  We do not sell nucleus colonies or packages of honey bees.

If you want to place an order, please go to our Queen Bee page for more information, contact Beekeeper Joe at 412-225-0930, or email 



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