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Country Barn Queen Bees


Photo by Dan Dexter


Master Beekeeper Joe Zgurzynski raises Northern selected queen honeybees at Country Barn Farm in Allegheny County, PA.  These are premium queens from our best over wintered stock that is inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for queen honeybee production.

The Country Barn queen bee genetics are a blend of Italian and Carniolan honeybee lines selected for longevity, mild temperament, mite resistance, disease resistance and honey production at Northern latitudes.  Queen producing hives are not treated with miticides. 
Country Barn Farm only sells marked and mated queens that are laying a quality brood pattern.  We will ship them to your location with attendants via USPS Priority Express for guaranteed one or two day delivery, depending on your location. Queen bees are available June through September.

Our queens are priced at $38 each.  We do not sell nucleus colonies or packages of honey bees.

If you want to place an order, please contact Beekeeper Joe at 412-225-0930 or email 

Photo by Dan Dexter


Photo by Dan Dexter

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